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Google Nest

Patent dispute with Sonos: Google cancels speaker features

Google offers a full range of smart speakers. If desired, they can be grouped together to conveniently control the size of multiple devices with a single knob or voice command. However, to enable this feature, the manufacturer has copied from the competition – at least the manufacturer of the loudspeaker, Sonos, and taken it to court in 2020 for patent infringement. In August 2021 the company acquired at least partial ownership. Owners of Google’s smart speakers now have to pay for the effects.
Like the current company Web site It has been reported that setting up loudspeakers and setting up loudspeakers will cause some inconvenience due to the court ruling. As a result, the volume of the loudspeaker panel can no longer be adjusted using the group controller. Instead, you will need to adjust them individually for each device in the future. It’s okay to make changes directly to the display of Google Home Apps, Voice Command or Nest Hub. Additionally, there is no option to set the panel size using the physics controller on the smartphone.

Problems with third-party speakers

Further changes will be made to users who have integrated Google Speakers with Speakers from other manufacturers. In such cases, according to Google, third-party devices need to have the latest version of Cast firmware. Additionally, a small group of users who are not defined in detail by Google may need to download an additional “Device Utility Application” to streamline the installation, setup, and download of updates for their speakers. Victims will receive notification related to further steps for the respective process.

According to its own reports, Google is working to minimize the effects of the current legal ruling. Nevertheless, customers are not so excited about the reported smears now and complain out loud in the comments below the blog post. Restrictions should not be permanent. In the long run, Google will be able to bring back old functions based on alternative software solutions. So the company was loud On the edge In November 2021, the ability to control the size of the Chromecast streaming stick via smartphone was removed – possibly due to patent infringement. However, by the beginning of January 2022, this function had already returned with the update.
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