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One-third of car crashes in 2021 due to battery

One-third of car crashes in 2021 due to battery

Frequent car crashes in 2021 confirm low battery: பிற Here is why and what other distress calls received at AMTC.

Winter is, according to statistics, the most likely time of year Automatic breakdown And the first suspicion is always hers: dead battery. Confirms once again Budget of the Austrian Auto Club At (ÖAMTC) Interventions for car failure in 2021. Here’s what they are Very frequent problems It banned the travel of Austrian motorists And why the battery is running out Always in the winter.

Car Problems 2021: January and December are the most important months

According to TCAMTC, month January 2021 is the time with the highest number of requests Breakdown service for faulty vehicles: 65,000. It is a warning not to underestimate the budget of the Austrian Auto Club Tests to be done in the car in winter. In fact, most interventions in Austria were received by motorists for summer vacations in January (65,000 interventions), December (63,400) and then July (61,600). After the peak of winter breaks, April (46,300 requests) is the quietest period due to the temperate climate. 2021 is the day when most interventions are requested A maximum of 4,632 trips on January 11th. Usually ÖAMTC rescuers solve the problem on the spot and allow the drivers to continue their journey. When that is not possible, it is necessary Drag the vehicle to the workshop: In 2021 it served about 233,300 users, + 13% compared to 2020.

More than a third of failures are due to batteries

The car crash report shows 673,900 AMTC interventions Across Austria in 2021, this equates to an average of 1,846 trips per day (+ 6% compared to 2020). Of the many problems that require ÖAMTC patrol intervention, the biggest cause is low car battery:

– The By 2021 35% of car faulty batteries were exhausted, Expelled or defective;

– 8% of ÖAMTC interventions were due to problems with worn or damaged tires;

– 7.5% for problems with the starter motor or transformer;

– 5% of car crashes occur The keys are locked inside the car Or inability to open car doors. From January 1 to December 31, 2021, Vienna topped the list of cities with the highest demand for roadside and mechanical assistance, with an average of 440 interventions per day and 160,500 interventions throughout the year.

Why are car batteries discharged in winter?

Is true The car battery is often discharged in the winter This does not mean that the batteries are only affected by cooling. In fact, a car that does not start in the first cold is only the manifestation (or peak) of the degenerative process that begins in the summer and lasts for several months. If that is true Reduces electrochemical transmissions in cold batteries, Summer heat accelerates the breakdown of electrolytes (A mechanical hood in the sun easily reaches 70-80 C). This is why the car, which often travels short distances, already starts to wear out in the summer. Symptoms of a dead battery are more pronounced In winter Because of the low hour light More use is made of electricity (Lights, wipers, ventilation, etc.). So driving a car requires more electricity than in summer. Cold also contributes to the battery’s ability to deliver power (at very low temperatures), which explains why. Many cars do not go out especially in winter. A break that can certainly be prevented by avoiding the mistakes that often occur in the winter.

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