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Patch-Day: The first security update for Windows 11 is here

Patch-Day January: Security update for Windows 11 is here

Microsoft has released a security update Windows 11 Published. This update fixes many bugs and security vulnerabilities and is already available to all switched users.

The update for Windows 11 is the regular January patch, the first security and maintenance update of the year, which will be distributed immediately. The update can already be obtained through the Windows Update function. The update brings the upgrade to the new version number 22000.434. The build number in the initial release was 22000.194.

Microsoft has already compiled the most important changes to the new version. We have translated the highlights of the update for you and added it at the end of this post. Microsoft also confirms issues with Windows 11. As usual, Microsoft Knowledge Base has an article about the Windows 11 patch, which can be found below KB5009566 Is to be discovered.

Details are still missing

The update is available to all users who have already installed Windows 11. However, Microsoft has not yet released many details on the knowledge base about the changes in this update. This is not uncommon – information about changes has been kept very brief on patch days for months. For security-related changes, release notes will be updated within a few days of launch. You can find out Windows 11 overall and dynamic updates Already. The following information has been released.


Improvements and fixes

This security update includes quality improvements. Major changes:

  • Fixed a known issue affecting Japanese input method editors (IME). When using a Japanese IME to enter text, the text may appear confusing or the text cursor may move unexpectedly in applications that use Multibyte Character Symbol (MBCS). This problem affects Microsoft Japanese IMEs and third-party Japanese IMEs.
  • If you have previously installed updates, only the latest updates in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device.

Windows 11-Servicing-Stock-Update – 22000.345

  • This update brings about quality improvements in the servicing stack of components that install Windows updates. Servicing Stack Updates (SSU) ensures that you have a stable and reliable servicing stack so that your devices can receive and install Microsoft updates.

For more information on fixed security vulnerabilities, see Security Update Guide And in Security announcements from January 2022.

Known issues with this update

  • After installing Windows 11, some image editing programs may not produce colors properly on specific HDR (High Dynamic Range) displays. It is often found in white, appearing in light yellow or other colors.
  • This problem occurs when some Win32 color rendering APIs provide unexpected information or errors under certain conditions. Not all color profile management programs are affected, and the color profile options available on the Windows 11 settings page, including Microsoft color controls, are expected to work properly.

Another update for a known issue will appear in January.

Windows 11 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Instructions, tips & tricks in the FAQ area

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