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Patch 9.2 groups would be heaven to increase

Patch 9.2 groups would be heaven to increase

WoW Shadowlands is currently dead. Most players are already mentally finished with the currently running patch and are now looking forward to it Upcoming Update 9.2. Blizzard not only finally delivers new content, but also breaks down some new or rediscovered paths. Many of these have been well received by the community, but there are some big exceptions.

For example, include The popularity of agriculture is due to the second legend. Other decisions made by Blizzard, many players are anxious about Patch 9.2 and fear a huge increase in community growth and their annoying ads. The author of these lines shares this fear for a number of reasons.

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Success saves work – the new media update item

With Patch 9.2 Blizzard Introduces an Item Allows you to learn all the media at the touch of a button and upgrade them to 278th level. This is very good because it saves us a lot of work. Usually you have to kill countless bosses, clean the dungeons, do world searches or cultivate any resources. However, there is a serious catch. This is because the product is sold by the seller only under certain conditions.

The new media update is causing dissatisfaction in the community.

They are: Puff

On the one hand, there is the necessary reputation, which annoys many players, but the title should not be here. On the other hand, it should also show an achievement that is not easily obtainable. You must have an Elite title in PVP, have defeated all bosses in the new Mythic Mode Raid, or destroyed the Mythic Plus dungeon in Level 20. None of this is realistic for the masses of WoW players …

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… until you increase the groups. The savings of bringing all the media to new highs at once is huge, In fact even players who reject motivation are tempted. Also remember: The item does not count throughout, so according to the current PTR status you must complete such a dungeon with each character who wants the item. So for my part, I’m sure: with Patch 9.2, the groups that give you the M + 20 dungeon boost are going to explode. With them, of course, spam advertising on the trade channel.

Animal sets do not make it better

Pet set items are celebrated by most WoW players, including myself. However, if you do not feel like increasing the groups it will not work properly. As always, the set works out of the raid, which is why many players like to get their hands on it. Although they are available to everyone in LFR, it is not very useful for Mythic Plus players. Therefore, many players will want to be motivated by a heroic or mythical attack in order to gain an advantage in the dungeons.

WoW: Patch 9.2 would be a haven to boost groups - and blizzard is the reason (2)

What: Blizzard

WoW: Patch 9.2 would be a haven to boost teams - and blizzard is the reason (3)

What: Blizzard

Blizzard can certainly deal with this by making it accessible to animals outside the raid. And Tada, That is what they announced. Unfortunately, none of these were found in Gerard Mortis and the entire PTR. This begs the question: Why?
My answer would be: At the time of the announcement, it was not yet clear how Blizzard’s developers wanted to implement this satisfactorily. After all, why not release a more complex feature directly (hopefully) for testing?
But my fear: The blizzard changed his mind. This is because while many players were happy to go to the sets without a raid, there were also loud voices against it. They wanted to be on the WoW for a long time (Buy Now) Does not blur the exact connection between plot sets and raids. Boost crews would be especially happy about it if the blizzards really changed their minds.

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Myth plus score gets more importance

Another reason many players increase in WoW Introduced with the official Mythic Plus score patch 9.1. This has now established itself in the WoW community and has led to many prophecies. Instead of viewing it as an estimate of experience in one area of ​​the WoW (i.e. in mythical dungeons), it is now used as a measure of a player’s overall rating. Torghast, raid, guild Application or PvP – is often taken as a public score, so players will be excluded from certain areas.

Myth plus score is becoming more important for players.

Myth plus score is becoming more important for players.

They are: Puff

To counter this, many players may already become a keystone master or similar titles. Because once you get the rating, you will never miss it again in a season. And the official score does not indicate whether you completed each dungeon exactly once (tyranny and motivation) and died on the ground half the time. And with Patch 9.2, the problem miraculously does not go away automatically. On the contrary – it will be even bigger.

Of course there is no patented solution to the growing problem, meanwhile not only installed on WoW. But at least the official ban on actively promoting such runs in the game could be extended. So far, only group search tools have been officially banned, But not on the trade channel. Even where it is restricted, you will get the impression that the blizzard has not really overcome it. The dozens of ad groups that appear every second cannot be explained differently.

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How do you feel about increasing groups on WoW? Are you afraid that this will only get worse in the upcoming Patch 9.2?