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Passetti-Galli, Infectious Diseases Specialists.  "Work for yourself".  "I don't have to worship, no one"

Passetti-Galli, Infectious Diseases Specialists. “Work for yourself”. “I don’t have to worship, no one”

They jump From one exchange to another Tease each other from a distance. They do the same job, sometimes they agree, but when they don’t they fly Sparks. Feed efficiently by conductors, it seems they can not do without now.

Among the various experts – or those who add to the television broadcast – they are emerging these days Epidemiologists Matteo Pacetti and Massimo Galli, Respectively the primary al San Martino of Genoa And Department Manager Al Milan sacked. Of course two who do not love each other. Bassetti was just critical Gully’s arrows against reopening Founded by the government, blamed on his colleague Work harder for yourself And for the community: “I work for my region for my region – Bassetti said – others work more for themselves and less for their hospitals. Zonal system, If necessary, can intervene with red zones at the provincial and municipal levels to prevent any eruption. However, this move will escape those who work Against your region“.

Note Political sympathies De Gully, always demanding his own rights Middle Sixty-eight and for this he had already been struck by the last fall Alberto Jangrilo (Another media doctor, San Rafael Parish in Milan), this is very clear. In short, Sacco’s director will march against center-right-led Byron. Over there Replica of Gully Already in the evening, on another broadcast on another network, when the presenter summarizes the passage “You will understand what satisfaction” by a caustic Back to locking If necessary.

But the next day, when Gully is a guest on the same show that was attacked, the tone of the long-distance confrontation rises. The presenter announces that he will allow Pacetti to hear the words spoken in the same studio, and Gully shakes his head: “Not even, if possible”. The report airs, and then the professor responds: “What can I be interested in working for? Near retirement. I think I work to understand things and say things that way, I do not need to worship In front of anyone. I don’t have to be anyone’s dwarf or dancer. ”

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