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Overall updates for the new Windows 10 are now available for download

Overall updates for the new Windows 10 are now available for download

Microsoft has sent out new updates to the new module for Windows 10 as part of the December 2020 patch Tuesday cycle.

As expected, all versions of Windows 10 are getting updates today, and since it is Patch Tuesday, the first of the security upgrades.

The following overall updates for Windows 10 devices are now live:

Security improvements

According to official changelog, these new updates include Microsoft Edge Legacy, Microsoft Graphics component, Windows Media, Windows Basics and links to Windows Virtualization.

In addition, Microsoft claims to have fixed a significant security vulnerability in Windows 10.

Redresses security vulnerabilities by preventing applications running SYSTEM Accounts from being printed on “FILE:” ports. To resolve this issue in the future, make sure your applications or services run on a specific user or service account, ”the company said in a statement issued in the update.

Windows 10 users can download new updates directly from Windows Update, although it is worth noting that older releases are only part of LDSC or are served only in academic and institutional SKUs.

At the time of writing, I am not aware of any installation issues with these overall updates, but I’m constantly monitoring reports related to this and will let you know if any such issues are found. In the meantime, if you decide to upgrade your device, be sure to create a backup.

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