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Certains vieux portables ou ordinateurs pourraient rencontrer des problèmes pour se connecter à Internet.

Only older devices are affected

A few days ago, Scott Helm, security researcher Explains on his blogOn September 30, France’s digital security certificate expires. Some older devices can know that Some bugs.

The devices have not been updated for five years

Devices only Primitive Is still in circulation and is threatened Explains Enmarama. If you do not, you will suffer No updates for five years. This is about Apple, the iPhones that have not been updated yet iOS 10, On Android, the non-existent Since version 7.1 Of the system. These smartphones may display error messages at 4:01 pm and may lose your connection. It reflects A small percentage This is because the general public changes their phone every 2 to 5 years. Most users will not see any change.

How can we get around the problem?

If you think you might be affected, try updating this Thursday, September 30th before 4pm to take advantage of the latest security certificates. If your device is too old to update, you can simply do so Install the Firefox browser It is not affected by this evolution of security certification.

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