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Attractors still have server issues, people can fly and Square Enix is ​​looking for a solution -

Outsiders, connection not fixing inventory disappearance bug, fans angry –

People Can Fly, despite immediate intervention, players Outer Riders They are enjoying a lot of awkwardness. Server issues and annoying errors now affect this wonderful experience. If shame is added to the damage, the situation of the adversaries is much more complicated. Despite the campus, in fact, last Link The outliers did not fix the error it was making The entire inventory will disappear, Makes players even angrier.

In a game where accumulating resources and armor is the key to the game, it would not be nice to have the bug that permanently destroys everything collected. Polish developers worked hard to release one where people could fly Total link Post-release. An update that fixes issues with game servers, but fix a bug that affects players’ inventory.

Inventory is important to the riders and losing it makes all the players angry.

Many, in fact, plundered everything they had effortlessly accumulated in the many hours of play from one day to the next. Also, it is not yet known when and how these players will be able to reconsider their possessions, but in the meantime it is certain that they will not be able to play as they wish. There is something to make things worse Side note It says “objects recovered” They do not have the same characteristics Among the losers “, this sparked other controversies.

People said Kane Fly apparently was “very sorry” about what happened and was gathering new information to understand what went wrong. While waiting to understand how the situation develops, we remind you that the Outer Riders patch also fixes the cross game.

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