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Outliers: No profit in view of people flying - News

Outliers: No profit in view of people flying – News

CEO Sebastian Wozniacki told the site Eurocommer Polon, People are waiting for the money to fly if Square Enix sellsOutliers Reached a certain level. More precisely, People Can Fly should have extra royalty on profits Outliers Earned enough revenue to cover its production, distribution and promotion costs. However, if the payment is not made by the end of the first quarter of operation (April-June 2021), the new license does not reach the expected profit at this point.

We do not have sales statistics for outliers. We estimate that this is 2 to 3 million copies, which we consider to be the result of confirming the project’s profit from the first quarter of sales. The lack of money from the publisher means that this is ultimately not the case with Square Enix“, Sebastian Wozniacki, PDG de People Can Fly.

Last May, Square Enix did not release sales figures but pointed out that 3.5 million people played Outliers One month after its release, this number is including Xbox Game Pass subscribers. “The Outer Riders will become the owners of a large Square Enix“, The author announced.

Despite this lack of visibility and apparent non-profit, People Can Fly is not encouraged and confirms that it is still involved Outliers. The Polish studio is still linked to Square Enix in the development of another game.Despite this disappointing information, we hope that the first royalty of the Outer Riders sale will reach us later this year.“, Sebastian Wojciechowski.

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