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There's a "trick" to the Z folder 3's display: and it saves battery

There’s a “trick” to the Z folder 3’s display: and it saves battery

Emanuel Sisotti

This is called Eco2 OLED and allows you to save up to 25% energy per display.

There is another “trick” Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, After a related one Water resistant We talked today. Nothing really “magical” or weird, but only the technological innovations that Samsung decided to test all together on its “precious” smartphone Sequence.

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Today we are talking about the environment2 OLED, or the new OLED panel used for the inner screen of the Galaxy Z Folder 3. This manages to do without the display layer Polar pointer, Commonly used on LCD and OLED displays between the actual screen and the outer protective layer. This polarity allows you to “filter” natural light, thus guaranteeing better visibility and guarantees all major contrasts, allowing OLED screens to achieve a “complete black” effect when pixels are turned off. However, this component, which can absorb up to 50% of natural light, “absorbs” the light emitted by the display.

Environment Committee2 OLED instead integrates polarization function directly on the screen, thus guaranteeing a brightness of more than 33%. Consumption is 25% lower. As is the case with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, deleting a layer has the advantage of allowing the cameras to be easily used under the display.2 OLED is only integrated in this smartphone and instead we are missing it Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.