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Orell Füssli Stock: Orell Füssli and Swisscom enter into strategic partnership!

Orell Füssli Stock: Orell Füssli and Swisscom enter into strategic partnership!

Orell Füssli and Swisscom agree to a strategic partnership to improve the development, management and application of legally binding digital certificates. These should be used and verified in digital business processes.

It happened

Evidence and confirmations of official documents still need to be physically provided on a large scale. Since the introduction of the Digital Govt Certificate, Swiss citizens have had the first experience with a simple digital certificate on their smartphone. Future digital certifications should be integrated seamlessly into digital business processes so as to increase efficiency, facilitate processing and enable new business models.

Orell Füssli and Swisscom are working together to provide reliable, pseudo-proof and intelligent digital certification for future citizens, organizations and authorities. Users can access these in real time through their smartphones and integrate them into business processes for verification. In addition, both companies plan to integrate digital certifications with activities that enable new contacts and processes for citizens, organizations and officials. The first applications will be issued within the next 12 months.

That is why it is important

Accessing and using digital certificates enables new and efficient communication between users. These include, for example:

– Age verification when purchasing age-restricted products or entry restrictions

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– Digitally verifiable application documents

– Combining a digital printout with legally valid digital signatures

The solutions, co-developed by Orell Füssli and Swisscom, are based on privacy policies based on design, data economy and database data storage, thus following the Federal Council’s decision on eID on December 17, 2021, according to which users should have the greatest control. On their data (SSI).