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Antonio Magi

Omsio Rome, Maggie: Irresponsibility is not for everyone

Rome – “The Constitution is for everyone. Of course, the councilor wants to make it clear that the provocation of some is being inflicted on everyone. Intensive treatment with people who have not been vaccinated can actually cause inconvenience to other patients. Antonio Magee, head of the Rome Doctors’ Series, commented on Radio Radical’s microphones and the provocation of the Lazio region’s health councilor, who is being treated in intensive care.

When asked about the vaccine, Maggie said, “It’s an important element in solving the problem of infection.” Denying it is the limit of the freedom of those who are vaccinated and those who want to live normally. Traffic lights are also a limit of freedom, but if we live in a social environment we have to set rules that everyone has to follow.

At the same time, Green Boss, the head of Rome Doctors, is a “tool that guarantees that those around you can be vaccinated.

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