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The Shield Of Wrestling

Omos downloads AJ Style and challenges him to a match

Omos Ed AJ Styles They were deliberately disbanded during the last episode of RAW (WHO! Report e WHO! Results), due About the face The Colossus of the individual was carried out by the staff. RAW is tired of taking care of the giant, former WWE champion, Has decided to separate From him but not too quiet. In addition, Omos challenged AJ, who was more willing to lay a grave for the couple than ever before.

Omos is ready for a career

AJ Styles and Omos were guests on the episode of RAW MizTv. Miss tried to cause further disagreement within the couple, claiming to know it Omos intended to dump the AJ style Because I’m tired of looking at his back. AJ asked his partner for an explanation, but the conversation was interrupted Mysteries, Enemies of former pair champions in the evening Ra. Omos did not have a chance to respond during MizTv, but he did it in the competition, did not give the partner a tag and Leave it alone.

This gesture angered the individual Physically assaulted Colossus. The former RAW Underground bouncer responded by knocking the current ex-friend to the ground. Challenge him to a match.

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