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OLED Switch: Oops, there are risks of screen burns, Nintendo takes stock

OLED Switch: Oops, there are risks of screen burns, Nintendo takes stock

Last July and without warning, Nintendo Announcing the arrival of a new switch, OLED model. No, this is not a Pro console, but a slightly larger platform including new speakers and 64GB of internal memory. Some people worry about the screen, will there be burns? The answer may not please you.

The Japanese company returned home to our friends CNET :

We designed the OLED display to aim for as long as possible, but OLED displays can enjoy image retention if subjected to static displays for long periods of time.

As you read now, Yes, there is a risk of screen burns. However, the company shares some tips to avoid this big annoying problem:

Users can take steps to protect the screen by using features that are inherent in Nintendo Switch consoles, such as preventing the auto-brightness feature from brightening the screen too much and switching the standby feature to standby mode after a short time.

In short, the console has not yet been released because it scares some consumers … As a reminder, the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) release date is set for October 8, 2021. Will you submit or pass?

You can order in advance 9 359.99 on the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) Fnac.

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