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A great retro classic for 1 euro at the Nintendo EShop

A great retro classic for 1 euro at the Nintendo EShop

We have been in a very uncontrollable nostalgia for a few years and many topics of the past have returned to our homes with a new look. Even if you are a lover Retreat, Or if you are a longtime fan, it is always good to rediscover the pearls of the past that made history in the media. One of the redesigns and remakes that came with us over the years, dedicated Surely, A Classic Date 1989 It was re-created to knock dust off modern sites, and now a Only 1 euro on Nintendo iShop.

These days the Nintendo iShop has updated its time offers and is also among the dozens of titles that enjoy substantial discounts Surely, Good and unfortunate monkey Thirty years after its first appearance He can still say his opinion.

The offer to watch the game for only 1 euro at Nintendo EShop has a good shelf life and will last 16 more days Starting today.

Tokyo is the “insertion coin”, b Action site Uncompromising in difficulty and unique in dynamics, it combined a healthy gaming experience with a really bad art field, with a proposal of different settings and colors.

In his adventure he will see the journey, solve puzzles, defeat the terrible creatures Save his beloved Miho From the witch who turned the hero into a chimpanzee, you will see a lot of curses …

The remake was completely redesigned by hand and the entire soundtrack was re-played, and one of those who worked on it was the comic and video game illustrator who noticed the 1991 Amiga version of Tokyo.

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Of course a topic will keep you busy for hours, which will give you a challenge – in every sense – of the past and we strongly recommend that you deal with many topics. Kyoto house, Which has confirmed it in recent days A new chapter There is growth by Kirby.