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OLED screen, new dock and surface style support in China's latest rumors -

OLED screen, new dock and surface style support in China’s latest rumors –

Rumors regarding the new model of Nintendo Switch for a few hours, are known at this time Nintendo Switch Pro, They are very persuasive. The latest information comes from a self-styled Chinese hardware manufacturer, It should be taken as mere rumor that a new Nintendo console will be loaded Schermo OLED, Will require a new dock and have a surface style stand for gaming on the go.

As always, everything should be taken with a grain of salt, but since the official Bloomberg console was announced, rumors surrounding the new Nintendo Switch model have been increasingly emphasized.

In this case it could be a Chinese hardware manufacturer or actually a console maker, he released some of the most anticipated key features Hardware fix Issued by Nintendo Switch.

Rumor has it that the size of the console will be comparable to the current one. The difference is that there will be an OLED monitor 7 inches Also takes up all available console surfaces. The hardware fix also goes from the replacement of the microSD card, which is now easy to achieve because it is inserted behind the Microsoft surface style support, which is designed to support the console on the move.

The console will retain support for the current Joy-Cons, but will be replaced with a new one Dockyard, Thinner, two USB 3.0 ports and above all 4K output.

There is an exit period or end to complete the image November, At least in Europe, with the lowest number of units. In other parts of the world, the Nintendo Switch Pro may already be out.

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No hint Battery.

What do you think about this prospectus?