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Official trailer for "The World's Most Powerful Portable Console" -

Official trailer for “The World’s Most Powerful Portable Console” –

Valve has a post Presentation trailer Per Steam TechIt has been called “the most powerful portable console in the world”. You can see the video above, which shows us Key functions Of the stage.

SteamTech is offered to the public as a “full-featured gaming computer” that allows you to take your favorite games with you wherever you go. The film then presents a variety of genres Controls. We have analog sticks, triggers and buttons that can be assigned to custom inputs by players. In addition, you can use the touch screen, dual trackpads and gyroscope, which are very useful for precise movements.

Apparently, theirs Games Available on Steam Steam Deck: Log in to the same account to find the entire library. The storage space, as the presentation trailer illustrates, can be expanded with a microSD card. Also, you can stream games from another computer.

The trailer explains that Steam Deck uses one New version of Steam Portable is optimized for gaming and includes “all the options you’d expect from cloud saves, steam chat, announcements, steam workshop and more”.

Tell us, do you think the Steam Tech trailer provides enough of all the functionality of the platform? We also point out that Steam Tech is getting Bill Spencer’s approval of the Xbox: here are his words.

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