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Offers with WINDTRE and integrated smartphone: Now we go to Xiaomi

Crazy offer for all loyal users who have access to buy a new smartphone with a truly invincible formula

WindTre is a very mobile – dependent network

Be loyal customers WindTre Agrees. This space offer is targeted at all users who have used the phone company’s services for more than 6 months. This is an exclusive ad that will allow you to grab a new smartphone in a completely convenient way if you are on target.

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We already knew about this offer as it was advertised by the company last July. The new entry, with a proposal enriched with an improved model, is now back in better shape. Xiaomi. However, the current process needs to be understood quickly. Partly because Available in WindTre stores only until November 22nd, But above all, it will be a privilege as long as there are stocks, So, if we want to beat a particular device, we have to activate it as soon as possible.

Features of the package and how to join the initiative

Cheap Smartphones –

To access the offer, a SIM must be active for at least 180 days, with a monthly payment profile of more than 5.99. At this point it is necessary to go to the store and sign a contract for a 24-month installment sale. This activity or subscription is subject to a commission of only 4.99.

A significant constraint is the payment method. For this type of solution, the only acceptable way is to debit a credit card or bank card. However, the amount we have to pay will be refunded to us in the form of a discount on the invoice, equal to the value we have to pay for the integrated rechargeable SIM. The formula of installment 0 is basically the same as the discount on consumption and the normal base tariff package.

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At the point of condition, restrictions will also be considered if you wish to use the advance withdrawal.. In this case, the user is given two options. First, support the purchase of the device by paying an equivalent amount to repay the loan. The second, on the other hand, allows you to maintain deferred fees. However, during the contract period, if the customer has second thoughts, he can go back to his steps and proceed with further change.

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Among the devices to choose from, we will have two Oppo, A54 5G and A16, two Xiaomi, Redmi 10 64GB and 128GB one, two models with a very large rose. Samsung Galaxy , The A12 128GB and A03s, as well as the TCL 20R 5G, a 20 SE and finally a TCL 20R 5G.