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Oceans Heart was hit by steam on January 21st

Oceans Heart was hit by steam on January 21st

Video game publisher NordCurrent and developer Max Miras today announced that RPG is an adventure designed in colorful pixel art. The heart of the ocean The PC will be available on Steam from January 21st. Created by the creator of Oceans Heart Yardown, A Zelda-like temac from Bloatborne. Many parts of the game were inspired by the classics of the genre, giving personal touch to the whole thing. It promises hours of exploration and stock play, countless hidden secrets and bizarre encounters.

Oceans Heart is a beautiful pixel-art action RPG that unfolds in a life world full of mystery, magic and dangerous encounters. As a young girl named Tilia, who was kidnapped by the terrible bandit Black Beard, you have to embark on an adventurous journey through an extensive and dangerous jungle to save her, during which you will discover an elaborate robbery plot. Collect items on your journey for both, upgrade your growing weapons, increase your ability to fight bosses and survive in deadly vaults.

“Oceans Heart takes inspiration from games like Zelda, Hollow Knight, The Witcher and the Dark Souls and approaches the action-adventure-RPG genre in a fantastic way,” said Artras Surgudanovas, Nordcurrent’s marketing director. “The Oceans Heart page is full of searches and hidden secrets. The plot of the game is incredibly mesmerizing and spiced with a nice pinch of humor, which allows you to dive deep into the world, laugh with the characters and feel sorry for them. Put the game on your Steam wishlist today so you don’t miss the 21st release day! ”

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Oceans Heart is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese (simplified).

You can officially learn about Oceans Heart Website, Ann Facebook And above Twitter.