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La Fouli Blanche, Instructions for use

La Fouli Blanche, Instructions for use

1. Download the app

“Application White Straight You can download it for free on your phone. Five routes are offered: 5, 10 and 15 km on the Cove Plateau, 5 and 22 km from the resort. There are also options for school (1 km), university, business rankings, etc. You have to do it the way you choose … and choose fine skating skis. It is as intuitive as any other game activity tracking app. You can also use your watch by downloading the GPX file. “

2. On the track

“Once there, you can see one of the two explanatory panels, Adrance or Cove. After purchasing a Nordic day pass (for cross country skiers without a Sky Pass) and warming up, you can set up your stopwatch by following the signs.”

3. Free gift

“Once you finish your race (you can finish as many times as you want until January 31), you can catch your breath by getting your prize (a shirt) at headquarters. La Fouli Blanche at the resort’s Nordic Center. Team Workers Iser’s special long-distance athletes set important times, all of which are days we want to be at the top of the category (smile), but conditions play an important role.It’s good for a good slide. You know there’s a lot of locals who are going to get caught up in the game, especially former team members Lillian or Cyril Gaylord or our sports director Robin Duvillard. “