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'Ocean Viking' downloads 122 immigrants in Italy

‘Ocean Viking’ downloads 122 immigrants in Italy

Archivo-Handout-04 July 2021, Italy, -: Immigrants in a small boat take life jackets from helpers while sitting in a small boat in the Mediterranean. Ocean Viking rescue ship recalls 67 people from the Mediterranean Sea, SOS Med area – Flavio Casperini / SOS Mediterranean / DPA – Archive

Madrid, 25 sets. (Europa Stampa) –

The NGO SOS Mediterrane has announced that 122 migrants rescued by the humanitarian ship ‘Ocean Viking’ have landed in Italy in the Mediterranean.

The remaining 122 have already disembarked from ‘Ocean Viking’. These men, women and children were rescued by our teams in four operations carried out within 36 hours last weekend, ”the NGO explained on Twitter.

Furthermore, the group expressed its satisfaction with the International Shipping Federation and “the victims of the Red Cross shipwreck have finally reached a safe haven.”

Two of the rescued migrants had previously been evicted along with four relatives for medical reasons. The Italian Coast Guard agreed to their relocation because they were suffering from chronic diseases and needed “emergency” assistance on land, the NGO explained. The rest of the settlers landed in the port of Augusta in Sicily.

More than 1,300 migrants and refugees have died or disappeared in Mediterranean waters this year, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) budget, which is increasing the number of victims in the Mediterranean region that connects Libya with Italy and Malta.

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