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The famous astronaut must have a bus emission-free heir

The famous astronaut must have a bus emission-free heir

Astrovan looks like this. (Screenshot: t3n / Youtube / Nasa)

NASA is looking for a new bus to take astronauts from the shelter to the launch pad. So far it was made of polished silver astrovan, which is now technically obsolete.

The US space agency NASA is asking for projects from the private sector by the end of October. They should lead to the successor of the previous Astrovan. The iconic, polished metal bus that has been in use so far has only been in service since 1983. It plans to launch astronauts on a 14.5-kilometer orbit at the Spaceport Kennedy Space Center grounds in the US state of Florida.

The Astrovan is now very old and is about to be replaced with a modern vehicle during the upcoming Artemis mission. Imagine NASA transforming an entirely new vehicle into a modern, above all, emission-free technology.

NASA is aware of the great emotional significance of Astrovan

The new proposals are very important for NASA to justify the importance of the vehicle. Like the space company In your tender The “shiny silver” saw the astronaut with its “spectacular NASA logo” which brought “brave researchers” to the launch pad, always sparking “pride and excitement”. Power expects the same from an heir. He must build this tradition and “modernize it for a new generation at the same time”.

NASA says the proposals should be unique, incorporate new technologies and visualize Artemis to the public. The vehicle can accommodate up to eight people, including four full-time employees. A special list of requirements describes the company in more detail.

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Going for a new Astrovan is part of it Artemis Mission. With Artemis, NASA will bring the “first woman and first color person” to the surface of the moon and establish a long-term study of the moon in preparation for an unmanned mission to Mars. That’s what NASA did Orion spacecraft And SLS missile Created. The landing concept is to be additionally provided by a gateway to the lunar orbit.

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