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NT Awards 2020

NT Awards 2020 – Best Pickle of the Year – ntower

After yesterday ND Awards 2020 Beginning And with the announcement of the recommended games in the “Best Story” category and the one-day business break, another round takes place today – the most feared genre among developers in the world.

We present: globally infamous and cross-platform “Cucumber of the Year Cucumber“.

In the world of the popular video game, there is a downside, because not every video game can excite people equally and win numerous prizes or high ratings. Meanwhile, unfortunately the most anticipated video games do not live up to expectations in release – or are not badly thought out or created. True to the goal of “Negative Magazine is Better Than Any Magazine”, we are once again offering the prize for the worst game of 2020 this year:


Tower Cucumber of the Year:

In this way we want to re-select the “best” worst game of the year. Which topic gave us such a headache, foamed at the mouth with anger and frustration and was so bad, it was good again? Is it art or can it go? That’s fine! Let’s take it anyway. The best of the worst can be found here.

You are right now 24 hours In the following poll it is time to decide on the worst game of 2020 and cast your valuable votes. The results of this category and the results of the forthcoming ballots are calculated after the final category, certified by our virtual notary and then published. Nominees nominated for ND Awards 2020 in the prestigious category of “Best Pickle of the Year”:

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