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Novara Municipality Unloads Sports Administration: "Serious Violations in Tertopio"

Novara Municipality Unloads Sports Administration: “Serious Violations in Tertopio”

Claudio Presani


One month after the opening the outdoor swimming pool bar was never activated, the cleaning service was “not provided to the extent associated with the offer”, “no improvements were proposed to restore the minimum sanitary conditions of the changing rooms and the entrance Part பகுதி was completed, the lift for the disabled was not approved, the failures that led the municipality to approve the sports administration” SRL is a provider of safe and efficient operational service for the Tertopio Sports Center, with 9 months of compound practice.

The contract was awarded from September 1, 2022 until May 31, 2022. The municipality, which announced a termination in advance with a provision announced Thursday afternoon, recalled that it had sent four formal complaints (November 24 and 25, 14 May and June 15) that the company had “only partially adjusted the highlighted and significant issues related to the application of the contract remain unresolved to date.” At the same time, until September 30, Novara’s Attena SRLS and Milan’s Class Spa were ordered to take over the “most urgent” direct allocation to a temporary association of companies set up for 133,683, 36 euros. In fact, yesterday the swimming pool was usually open and users did not notice the sticks crossing.

Employees who worked for game management have been reinstated by the new guards, who must coordinate them to achieve contract positions. Example – Sports Councilor Marina Ciarelli says – We found that there was only one bodyguard instead of the planned three: the other staff had the qualification of “assistant swimming instructor”. Defaults have been going on for months, and they have reached an unsustainable intensity. At one point there was not even a supply of chlorine and they brought it in when we realized it. What is unforgivable is that the company participated in the ban and already knew it was in coffee condition.

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In fact, the request for an arrangement, pre-bankruptcy procedure, was dated October 2, a month later. The story of the bar is symbolic: service to the hosts, but an important source of income for the managers. It is not open yet. It should work from today.

“We have reported management issues several times, especially with regard to cleaning and sanitation – says committee chairman PD Rosano Provano – but the commissioner replied that there was none. Again on Monday, on the sidelines of the city council, I told the mayor that the bar was closed. There were many signs that they were underestimated. : It is necessary to intervene first.I also asked a commission to understand what will happen after September.I would like to point out that Atena, a company that was temporarily set up for this operation last June 8. Sport Management has contacted and stated that it has the right to intervene.

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