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Not only now, it's one last bundle download.  Is it optional to clean the streets?

Not only now, it’s one last bundle download. Is it optional to clean the streets?

Piani Resinelli – A stone fell in the middle of the road at the last bend before arriving at Piani Resinelli this morning. Fortunately, there were no accidents But the real question is: will anyone come and clean and destroy the street at this time?

Yes, because the snow has returned since Thursday, but no one cares about all the wonderful precautions to protect the roads, to spread the salt, and to be normal administration in a mountainous place – but in the Resinelli projects, especially until the tenth Harpin.

It constantly excludes local officials (mayors, municipalities, committees of municipalities, etc.) Resinelli Projects is not just an amusement park for Leco and its environs, But what There are people who live there.

In fact, there are those who happily point out at the beginning of 2021 that “you can never expect to see the blackness of asphalt when you go to the mountains”; With a sense of humor for these mayors, it is good to say again that this mountain is not only a tourist site to be attacked on Saturdays and Sundays, but a place where residents can move freely and safely (for example) to work, or to take children to school – just like any other town. So, the black of the asphalt should be seen, how.

A landslide that knocks down stones in the street can be the perfect opportunity for someone to take things into their own hands.

Sophia Bolognini