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Is the VR game in the development of Project 2021A Doom Group?  -

Is the VR game in the development of Project 2021A Doom Group? –

It looks like ID software Creating something new VR game, So it will bring home Disaster This year’s release makes it possible to actively engage in virtual reality technology in the future.

The information is comingAustralian Classification System, Which reports a recent one Registered by ID Software and Bethesda A mysterious Plan 2021 a. It is classified as a “computer game” and was recorded yesterday, January 22, and is expected to be part of the Australian listing group “R18 +”. Virtual reality.

The idea of ​​it being a VR game comes from the “Media Type” section, in which we can read “Virtual Reality” and the rest have no details about this mysterious project, except, Violent themes and online communication, Probably with the multiplayer component.

It is difficult to say whether this announcement actually resembles a game in development, as it may be a precaution or test maneuver of the ID software, with no announcements pending. Code Name A ‘Released in 2021, So get the news to us soon.

At this point the speculation begins: of course the idea is that this may be a first person shooter, but there is a hypothesis that it could simply be one VR version Doom is more of an eternity than a real one New game, In any case we are waiting for improvements on the issue.

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