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"No network" with iOS 14.7.1: Problem reports are on the rise

“No network” with iOS 14.7.1: Problem reports are on the rise

IOS 14.7.1 Losing Cellular Connection on iPhones: A large number of users now report problems with network reception after installing the update, which is now available for a good three weeks. In most of the cases described, the smartphone loses contact with the cellular network and shows “No network” in the status bar.

According to reports, not only an iPhone model series with a specific baseband modem has been affected, but various device generations from the iPhone 6S to the current iPhone have also been affected. Most reports come from users of US cellular providers, but there are also problem reports from Germany – for all three network operators.

Victims insist there is no problem with the SIM card or cell phone provider. If you insert the SIM in another smartphone, the data connection to the cellular network will usually work there.

It is not clear how many times network loss occurs after installing iOS 14.7.1. Mac & I Editorial Panel iPhone 11 does not have a “no network” problem. Are in Apple’s discussion forums Several texts on the subject, Long feedback on other forums.

Apple for a long time – A support document Name the regular adjustment steps specifically for the “No Network” problem. This can range from restarting the iPhone to removing and reconnecting the SIM card to resetting the network settings. These steps sometimes seem to help, but often only temporarily.

Users can also check for updates to network operator settings when they open public / info settings – if any, it will be displayed. Alternative to a complete overhaul of the iPhone – preferably wired via a desktop PC with iTunes or Mac Finder. But that doesn’t necessarily seem to help.

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