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No more long voice messages: WhatsApp doubles playback speed

No more long voice messages: WhatsApp doubles playback speed

Many WhatsApp users are constantly sending voice messages. However, some contacts exaggerate the length. Messenger now offers a solution.

WhatsApp doubles the background speed of voice messages. © Image Alliance / dpa / EPA FILE

Voice messages are useful – but often more so than the person who wrote them. Because listening to a ten minute memo takes a lot of time and effort. This also means that the recipient must rely on memorizing as many topics and questions as possible until the message is over. Even for those of us with good memories, this can sometimes be a challenge.

The new functionality of the messenger service confirms a solution: since recently, users have been able to adjust the playback speed of audio. This functionality is now available for both Android and iOS.

Choose between three modes

The principle is explained quickly: if you receive a voice message, the new feature catches your eye as you play. A small label on the right allows you to choose between three modes, normal speed, one and a half times and double. By clicking the button, the system switches to the next high level or starts from the beginning, i.e. at regular speed, if twice the speed is already selected.

A few weeks ago, WhatsApp tested the possibility of playing audio at high speeds. The roll-out of the process began at the end of the test.

Competitors have provided this functionality for a long time

The new Terms of Use have been in effect since mid-May for short news service. Over the past few months, they have become increasingly competitive with many users. For example, Signal topped the list of most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store earlier this month. Some providers, including the instant messaging service Telegram, have long offered listening to voice messages at different speeds.

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