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No, it’s not the Alfa Romeo Donald in its final form

Many times it is very easy to make a mistake. The wait for the Alfa Romeo Donald for the 2019 Geneva Motor Show has caused blindness in this regard, which has been proposed in a much sweeter concept version. In fact, the protagonist is Alfa Romeo Donald Concept, Therefore, is not the futuristic series version we can appreciate at the dealership from June 4, 2022, or will most likely come with pictures, data and official information within the first quarter of the year.

Is at the center of the story Video released by Alfa Romeo, And re-launched by its CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, would be useful to wish the Alfisti people (and Tonale, the real one) a happy holiday waiting for a restart. Although many (well, too We are) Rushed to spread useless hopes, agreeing that what you see in the video of the happy holidays starting at about 1:07 is the Alfa Romeo Donald in its final form. In short, a teaser hidden by useful words and phrases to discover the future of picion. A fake teaser, that is It has nothing to do with the actual definitive version of the first Alfa Romeo C-SUV.

Alpha Romeo Donnelly commenting on the March 2019 video

The Alfa Romeo Donald for Christmas Greetings is not a definitive version: this is the Donnell concept.

Based on what we have just discovered from numerous spy photos of the Alfa Romeo Tonnel prototypes, it has been circulating for months in open roads in Italy and beyond. What you see at the end of Biscion’s video greeting is not the C-SUV we’ll see next year.

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Comment by Alfa Romeo Tonale
Donnelly commented on the December 2021 video

If the stylistic comparison that sees a definite difference in the design of the front headlights, rear lights and rear view mirrors are replaced by cameras here (or as already seen in Geneva’s Tonal Concept), we can mention something else to confirm the thesis.

The 2019 video starts just before the second 0:57

In fact, check out the video of 21 March 2019 Entitled “Alfa Romeo Tonal Concept – The Anatomy of a Sign” by Alpha Romeo two years ago. If you scroll through the frames until the second 0:57 you will notice something “shocking”! The relevant video section recreates the same frames, the same images and any other extra features from the video “Alfa Romeo, Buone Feste” last December 23rd. A condition observed by some (Or may not be noticed by most in particular), what appears at the end of Biscion’s greeting video is not the final version of the Alfa Romeo Tonale we’ll see soon, but rather useful for establishing the Tonale concept found in Geneva. Motor Show in 2019. No more, no less.

2021 video starts at 1:07

Comment by Alfa Romeo Tonale

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