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Nintendo's theme park is fantastic

Nintendo’s theme park is fantastic

Super Nintendo World was at Universal Studios in Japan Considered It should have been open by now, but you know, things happened. It’s almost over, and although no one has the opportunity to travel there anytime soon, at least our disgusting faces can be pressed against the mirror and admired from a distance.

The park, now opening next spring, is a dream come true. Published photo Changi News The past month shows that things are over, albeit outwardly. Guests enter the park through the area on the bottom left of the photo (Beach Fort, More clearly visible in another photo), And can find themselves parking where they pick up some of the very best Mario From imaginary houses, toad houses to public platform levels to the snow level.

There are coin blocks everywhere – for a reason – and the back of the park dominates Mario Kart Massive rendering of the ride and Bowser Castle, complete with N64 style polygonal styling.

Of course while all of this may seem unbelievable, at least for me what is the least is how close the whole thing gets to the original concept art. That is, look at this picture below and compare the above with the final construction; In some cases – such as the flagpole on the right – they were able to do so much better, and even better, the reality seems higher than art.

Image: Universal Studios Japan

At ground level, imagine standing there, the scaffolding not knowing any “holes” around you Mario means. It would be so much better.

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These are all very positive signs Others Super Nintendo Land being built in Los Angeles, It started construction last month. Ideal for those who do not want to travel to Japan or are more patient.