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Just Dance 2021 Review (Switch)

Just Dance 2021 Review (Switch)

Just dance 2021 The latest in a long line Just a dance Games, each last different. As with series games, Ubisoft’s dance form is reborn every year, with a couple of new features thrown in, and the help of new songs sprinkled on top. This is not a novelty, but it’s not a game to see if you want novelty. But, if you’re looking for a good time – and new content to scratch your boogie-butt itch – then don’t look any further.

The way to play is always the same: hold Joy-Khan in your hands and follow the directions on the screen to reflect the neon dancers as much as you can. The various methods allow for cooperative and competitive sports, global competitions, and (not very reliable) slightly bulk labeled “sweat mode” calorie counting.

The main mode, dubbed “Just Dance”, provides new tracks for changing your feet, each with a new dance and associated scenes. Although this is the same game provided by Ubisoft since the launch of Just Dance 11 years ago, it is now as much fun as it was now. The new dances are fun and stylish, but simple enough to follow, often relying on hand and hand movements that can be detected by the controllers – the legs are fully desirable here – and although it is fake, you only humble yourself by not engaging wholeheartedly. New clothes and backgrounds range from entertainment to variety Slightly When it comes to some “cool” songs like Billy Elish and basically any rap, despite the tendency to rely on cartoonish ethnic stereotypes, it’s not new to the Just Dance series.

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Features like Quick Play and Shuffle Play make it easy to dance and entertain groups that are not interested in song selection or carefully managed playlists. World Dance Floor – 3-song competition, which matches players on a similar level to you – is a privilege for families affected by Ubisoft’s plague, and the best way you can spend 10 minutes is to have a luxurious look for twenty people with long comertacks who have mastered each dance. There is even the option to play a controller with your phone instead of the Joy-Khan, which works remarkably well on most modern phones Slightly Comfortable grip while dancing is great (and there is always the risk that you will throw it halfway across the room during excessive hand movement).

Kids mode is a little disappointing. The purpose, presumably, for those under 10, is to provide a dumb-down version of the main Just Dance mode, transforming the “OK-Good-Super-Perfect” metric into a confusing “haha-wow-ye”. The songs are easy hits for parents – ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘Unknown’ will definitely come back again and again – or uninteresting dots like ‘Let’s Save Ever Planet’ and ‘Space Cat’. Elsa has the vibes of YouTube channels going to the dentist in Kids mode, and everyone loves making mud: enough entertainment, but not as good as things for adults.

Playing the game that comes thick and fast and accomplishing feats will put you on the net with the game coin “Mojo” used to buy capsules from the Kachchan gift machine. These openings include new avatars, new frames for avatars, and new “aliases” Animal traffickingThe style title that will be displayed next to your avatar. The mojo and the gift machine are ways for players to play, but this is not rewarding, and the randomness of the raw mechanic makes them often meaningless anyway.

It’s a shame that new songs aren’t part of the system that can’t be opened. Just Dance 2021 is actually built for people who want to buy an unlimited Just Dance subscription – even if you get a 30 day free trial, it costs more than the full price of the game. The basic game comes with just 41 new songs, mostly in 2019 and 2020, including Liso, The Weekend, and Twiz and even K-Pop with NCD127. More than 600 songs can only be accessed by subscription, and later, you will not own them – they will be streamed to the console. Internet connectivity requirements work very well, and although songs streamed from the Just Dance Unlimited selection often start with low-resolution visuals, there seems to be no problem with the sound and rhythm.

Playing the game without a subscription feels like a long promotion you pay for. Only available in an unlimited number of recommended songs. Unlimited actual video advertising seldom runs. 41 songs from popular charts such as Lady Gaga and Haryana Grande ‘Rain on Me’ to Unknown Relatives, and covers of songs like Britney Spears ‘Until the End of the World’ are actually included in the game. ‘Stand alone by being No. Versions you know and like. With such a short list of new music, it’s sad to see so few dangers, but the whole point is that the best songs are hidden behind a pavilion.

Again, that’s not exactly new to the series. Just dance may be a cash flow, but it’s still an entertaining feature – and makes you sweat for the first time since the isolation began. If you do not hesitate to give up 80 seconds for both basic games And A one-year subscription – or if you know you’re only playing for three months – has plenty of things to move you through the game’s strong list of hundreds, even if there is a surprisingly high amount of Suff.

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Does anyone expect Just Dance to be revolutionary? Does anyone wonder if most of the content is locked behind the game purchases? Probably not – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t disappointing anyway.


Just Dance 2021 has failed to feel like a complete succulent sport, especially for the £ 50 price tag. While the new tracks and world dance floor mode are fun enough, it’s hard to justify spending so much on a game that adds so little, and with thin-hidden game advertising and high sales you expect to buy more. If you like the series, you will invest in whatever we say, but we can not realize that Just Dance has relied on its glories for a very long time now as an owner.