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Nintendo’s OLED Switch Is Going to Force Handheld PCs Makers to Step up Their Game

Several tweets from the Nintendo Twitter account suggest that the Nintendo Switch is getting an upgrade. The updates indicate that the Nintendo Switch OLED model will come with a bright 7-inch OLED display and a few hardware updates. For instance, it will have bigger storage, 64GB, and a wider and adjustable kickstand. Moreover, it will have an inbuilt Ethernet port. These new developments provide real competition for others in the gaming industry, including online casinos like the Jackpot City Casino. The operator has to look at ways to improve its casino online games to compete at the top level. Nintendo has remained competitive over the years because of its ability to offer innovative solutions.

There have been several attempts to shrink gaming PCs to handheld proportions to achieve gaming on the go. Everyone would welcome the prospect of accessing their Steam library on the train or bus. However, the challenge is to balance playing the games at acceptable frame rates and decent enough resolutions while maintaining your device battery alive long enough to enjoy the games.

Value for Money

None of the available hardware solutions seem to match the hardware quality and aesthetics of the OLED model. Its cost is almost a third of the other systems, and it offers a bigger display. However, it is not the 4K Switch Pro that you have been fantasizing about for years. The OLED Switch still plays games at 720p in handheld mode and does not offer performance boosts.

Nevertheless, the OLED displays are unmatched as they have better viewing angles, deeper blacks, and exceptional color and contrast. The OLEDs are also power-efficient, depending on what they are displaying.

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According to Nintendo, a new Switch with a bigger screen that keeps the same battery life with an additional weight of 20 grams is a remarkable achievement. Some industry commentators argue that the OLED will still encounter the same old challenges such as game performance, frame rates, and lacking features such as Bluetooth audio which is offered by many handheld PCs for a while.

Handheld PCs Makers Should Make Up Their Minds

However, when you come across a handheld PC trying to rival the Nintendo Switch, you will probably conclude that the Switch would be better even with minor upgrades to its power and screen. The Switch OLED seems to be what many gamers were hoping for, its lack of processor upgrades notwithstanding. However, the new screen and the user-friendly interface still make the Switch the most preferred handheld experience.

Other handheld gaming PCs should make up their mind whether they want to offer more economical Switch alternatives. While at it, they should ensure that their solutions allow you to play all your favorite indie games on an extended battery.

On the other hand, they should decide if they want to be the teensy graphical powerhouse that competes with your gaming rig. This will be a critical decision from now on because they cannot be both!

What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s OLED Switch?