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Nintendo's important advice for console givers at Christmas

Nintendo’s important advice for console givers at Christmas

Under the siege of the new owners, the servers of the video game console makers may be overloaded on Christmas Eve 2021.


Setting up the video game console a few hours before Christmas Eve will prevent traffic jams on the servers.

This is a warning, it is not trivial. When Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft servers welcome consoles released from their Gift Wrap on Christmas Eve, they become overloaded.

In other words, it is usually necessary to download updates and data to fully enjoy your PlayStation, Xbox or Switch Fresh Out of the Box. Sometimes the option, often necessary, is to make sure that access to the servers is completed with unusually high New Year’s Eve traffic.

It is difficult to escape from it. On the other hand it is mandatory to restore all the data of the game provided with the machine in the form of a download code, as sometimes the update of the operating system can be temporarily ignored.

Clearly, 1992 Christmas time was far away, when you had to plug your Super Nintendo directly into family TV. Super Mario World.

Nintendo's important advice for console givers at Christmas
This version of Switchlight has the code to download the Animal Crossing game for the long wait.


This booster shot is managed Nintendo’s Twitter account in Japan. Beyond downloads, there are a number of time-consuming steps involved, such as setting up a new game console, creating an account, and selecting a WiFi network.

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Under these conditions, it may be interesting to focus on instant gaming enjoyment when packing to prepare the upstream console. How? ‘Or’ What? By plugging it in for the first time a few hours before Christmas Eve, you should be able to quietly perform all the necessary functions until the servers are enriched.

It makes it possible to download the latest console operating system updates, download games and their updates, and configure WiFi and user accounts.