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Nintendo's duck bowser Joy-Khan talks about skating

Nintendo’s duck bowser Joy-Khan talks about skating

Joy-con gliding is the scariest part about owning a switch. When you are about to set a record in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, he takes your Joy-Con wheel and pushes you straight against a wall. Never a good feeling!

The registration number of Nintendo Switch users has experienced this event, and Nintendo has handled the situation with mixed results. In an attempt to gain some clarity on Nintendo’s position on the issue, Balcon Nintendo asked U.S. President Doug Bowser What do they plan to do about this issue in the future.

Polygon: I wanted to talk a little bit – I knew it was a four letter word – but Joy-con slipped. Obviously, Nintendo has a long reputation for being very strong hardware, but this is something that doesn’t go away. I know you offer free repairs to people; They can mail at their Joy-Cons. It feels like it continues like a band-aid. I wanted to know, for a long time, that there are hardware designs designed to address this, so when people buy a new switch, they don’t have to worry, “Hey, I have to send each of my joy-cons for six months or more”?

Duck Bowser: First and foremost, we want every consumer to have a great experience with their Nintendo Switch and the games they play on the Nintendo Switch. That is very important to us. Our aim is to put smiles on faces. We want to make sure that happens. If consumers have any problems with our hardware and / or software, we would like them to contact us and we will pick them up with the right solution and run it as soon as possible.

Joy-Cons mentioned to themselves that if customers have problems, we work very closely with them whether it is a replacement or a repair. Then, what I will say is that when we look at our repair cycles, we always see what is being shipped and for what reasons, and we have a better understanding of it. It always provides an opportunity to make improvements as we progress, without going into any details.

The new information is not complete, but when you look at his response, it is clear that Nintendo is still taking the “send it for repair if you have problems” approach. It’s a choice of different words, especially when Nintendo said earlier this year that the Joy-Khan skid was “not a real issue” in a class action case.

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