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Nintendo withdraws prepaid orders at Aesop in Germany

Nintendo withdraws prepaid orders at Aesop in Germany

German justice has now pointed out Nintendo It should now authorize players to withdraw pre-orderseShop, And until the release of the title in question. Until now, it was only possible to repay a week before the last start.

The Nintendo and digital business is still not running smoothly, although switching to the switch seems to show significant improvement on this scale. Based on the transactions, the builder failed in the courts for a few months.

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Nintendo clearly mentions the authorized refund for pre-orders made at eShop Official site That “This additional right to cancel the pre-order can only be exercised seven days after the release date of the Software..

Judgment on appeal, Nintendo changed the withdrawal rules on two eShops

The seven-day period, which was deemed illegal, led the Norwegian Council for Consumer Rights and the German Consumer Protection Commission (VZBV) to take Nintendo to court. One year ago, in December 2020, a judge of the Frankfurt Regional Court ruled that the manufacturer was not at fault here.

The plaintiffs appealed against the decision, and the High Court in Frankfurt finally ruled otherwise. Nintendo, from the moment the player preloads the game on his console, the transaction is done. The judges, who responded, could not run until the release date. “The game has no value to the buyer and the Nintendo deal has not been fulfilled in any way”. Nintendo should now allow pre-orders to be withdrawn up to the product launch date. Justice has underlined that European law on the right to a 14-day refund does not allow video games to be redeemed after purchase.

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Nintendo has changed its policy on the German and Norwegian versions of its eShop. It remains to be seen whether other areas will qualify for the same treatment.

Source: VZBV Via VGC