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Nintendo wants to show off new switch games at “appropriate” times

The Nintendo Switch is selling well, which is having an impact on gaming sales as well. But looking at the order for the coming fiscal year (April 2021 to March 2022) shows that nothing has happened yet.


Nintendo has two titles that work just like the new Zelda, but no dates or time frames yet. Nintendo investors noticed that and asked Nintendo this question directly.

But they only stressed that Super Mario 3D World, Monster Hunter Rise and Pokemon Snap are coming soon. What about other games? Nintendo wants to name them “appropriate” time. However, they are planning “a big selection of games” in the coming fiscal year, so Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch: Targeting new users

Nintendo has repeatedly insisted that the switch should be delivered longer than usual and that investors should know how to do it.

According to Nintendo, they are experimenting with new special editions such as the upcoming Mario version. This is currently sufficient and it is assumed that this number will increase with the number of homes buying a second switch. A new model was rejected, but we have already handled it.

Nintendo expects demand to be even greater in the US, Europe and Japan, but I continue to see a new switch in the next financial year. Probably not a completely new “Pro model”, but a new version is ready three to four years later.

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