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Nintendo Switch Online: Five New Sega Mega Drive Games

Nintendo Switch Online: Five New Sega Mega Drive Games

This was by far the most bumpy road for the Nintendo Switch online expansion pack. Today, it gets a few new Sega Mega Drive games on top of two subscription levels. With a mix of well-known Sega titles and unexpected classics, the choice is not bad.

The minor update was shared by Nintendo on its social media channels. Extension Pack subscribers can now play five new Sega Mega Drive games on their Nintendo Switch:

  • Modified Beast: A famous fighter, without him any mega drive collection would be empty. The game is rough, not as good as the Golden Ax, but the soundtrack is excellent and the dubbing is hilarious.
  • ToeJam & Earl: Strange, childish adventure, I feel like some people after the 90s. The hard part is figuring out where to go, but there are enough absurdities to keep it enjoyable.
  • Dynamite Heady: Another classic song from Treasure can be played on the switch. Thanks to its amazing colorful style and creative “behind the scenes” theme, this game stands out from the crowd – it’s not as old as Treasure’s ability to play the game.
  • Vermilion Sword: A strange RPG that integrates studies such as dungeon crawlers and side-scrolling battles. It was very ambitious for its time, but the level design is chaotic and the battle is a bit difficult. Still to be seen.
  • Thunder Force 2: The Thunder Force series was a must-buy for consoles in the 90s due to its rock-solid gameplay, unique upgrade system and consistently awesome soundtrack.