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Nintendo talks about its business situation in Russia in light of recent events - Nintendo

Nintendo talks about its business situation in Russia in light of recent events – Nintendo

In his last meeting with his stakeholders, the Chairman NintendoShundero Furukawa and Satoru Shibata, President Nintendo of Europe returned to the delicate question of position Nintendo As for the situation in Russia. As you know, now it is no longer possible to buy from the Russian eShop and export goods Nintendo Suspended in Russia until further notice, this includes consoles, games and other accessories Nintendo.

Nintendo made the decision to “stop shipping all Nintendo products to Russia in the future” for official logistical reasons. From March 12. Here are their latest translated statements:

Shundaro Furukawa: “The Russian Nintendo eShop has been in maintenance mode since March 4 as the Nintendo eShop payment provider in Russia (which operates the digital business) has suspended Russian ruble transactions. Additionally, due to the suspension of Nintendo eShop operations and logistical issues, we currently do not ship any products, including physical items, to Russia. Impact We will not discuss the exact amount, but since sales in Russia represent only a small part of Nintendo Group’s total sales, this issue has a small effect on our overall financial results. Sales.”

Satoru Shibata: “As for the business in the Russian region, in light of global business growth, we are seriously considering how to handle this in the future. In Europe, as in other regions, Nintendo Switch sales have remained stable even in its sixth year, and despite changes in the environment, such as the situation in consumer Ukraine and global inflation, this Factors haven’t affected progress much. Nintendo Switch business in Europe.”

Although Furukawa and Shibata are clear about the economic situation and its minimal impact on the company’s finances, they particularly recall still-steady sales. Nintendo-Switch Even in Europe, it is clear Nintendo He is carefully analyzing the situation day by day. An interesting opening to a giant world often considered “Japan-centric”.

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