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Coromon repoussé sur Nintendo Switch

A date for the Nintendo Switch version of Coromon

After an unfortunate delay (cf Here), developer TRAGSoft and publisher Freedom Games have announced the final release date For the Nintendo Switch version of their monster-taming game, Coramon. The game will be released digitally via the Nintendo eShop on July 21, 2022.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the shoes of Coramon’s young apprentice. Use the latest creature-capturing technology from brilliant scientist Lux Solis to collect the fearsome yet lovable creatures and roam the Velua region. Along the way, thwart a shadowy organization that prevents the legendary Coroman Titans from unleashing their dark power on the world.

Pass numerous settlements represented by beautiful pixel graphics to create a group of more than 120 different types of Coroman: Sand, Magic, Foul, Heavy, Wind, Poison and more. Fight tactical battles through puzzle-filled dungeons, roadside skirmishes, and multi-level boss battles against six legendary titans who threaten the Goroman way of life. After each fight return to the training center and heal your team before heading out. Expand and customize each Coraman’s stat pool to create the perfect dream team for casual or competitive play.

Play how you want with three open save slots to endlessly experiment with different Coromon strategies and choose between four different difficulty modes, including the built-in, fan-favorite “Nuzlocke” option. Create a skilled apprentice, they begin their journey into the world of Coroman with a wide selection of body and clothing options. Take an informative personality test to find the right Coromon partner to start with, or choose the best one.