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Nintendo Switch UFO Catcher Fraud comes with a very lame excuse ide video

Nintendo Switch UFO Catcher Fraud comes with a very lame excuse ide video

The twisted logic for special gift identification leads to visits from the police.

Although they all, apparently, include cranes, there are actually some types Crane games In Japan. The most common style is when you try to pick up gifts directly sitting inside the machine, others have you Receiving capsules with pieces of paper that you can exchange for gifts. Sometimes capsules are even made Opaque plastic, So even if you are skilled enough to take one of the capsules you will never know what you got after opening it.

That double-layer difficulty would be threatening, therefore These blind-capsule crane games usually have to rely on some sort In fact Desirable gifts to convince players to try their luck. For example, one in the video below from Japanese YouTuber சுருனகா Below that are some pretty simple things in the gift layer. If you win one of the rare Class 1 prizes, you end up with an air purifier or Blu-ray player, To top off in the special prize class, you can win the Nintendo Switch!

So with eyes on the glossy new video game system, Churunaka started playing. Of course, the first pair of capsules he pulled were Class 3 prizes (etc.) Dish soap). But he was determined to get that switch.

How is it determined? In two days, Surunaka dropped about 60,000 yen (US $ 570) into the machine, and only stopped because he seized every capsule in the machine., But his final journey:
Class 40 Class 3 Gifts
Class 3 Class 2 Gifts
Class 1 Class 1 Prize

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▼ Hmm

Even though the machine is empty now, he did not receive a special gift capsule, Would have gotten him a switch (or he chose some other top-notch gifts like the PlayStation 4 or Cobro). But remember, in two days he won his 44 prizes Could someone else have won the special prize when he wasn’t playing? No.. Churunaka asked an employee if anyone had a special gift since the last machine was placed in reserve, and that employee said he had none.

Due to the privacy pixilization of the video, it is difficult to say whether Surunaka is playing in a full-fledged arcade or shopping center game corner. Either way, though, On-site employees work for a company other than the one that stores / owns the machine. So, Surunaka got the owner company on the phone to the on-site operator, who revealed that there were no special gift capsules in the machine, justifying this:

“There is a sign that the system is stocked with Class 3, Class 2, Class 1 and special prizes, but the ‘special gift’ is lightly painted in green.”

Now, there are two problems with this attempt to overcome the problem of a misunderstanding on the part of Surunaka. First of all, if you are going to paint a part of an identity, that particular part is not real, you should not do it “lightly”. But the big problem is that even though the owner says they painted green on top of the “special gift”, the background of the text is yellow, and the “light” painting is fully visible on the outside of the words. The identity can be seen in the video here (特 Special = Special Prize):

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Any reasonable person would look at that sign and think that the “special gift” was “painted” and conclude that there were no capsules in that class of machine. Conversely: Leaving the outside of the text missing and using a different color than the background, the “special gift” jumps out and demands your attention, Except for everything “Hey, special gift machine is here!”

Not at all satisfied with the twisted logic, the owner of Surunaka asked the company to send a representative to the arcade, and they agreed to do so the next day. From the bat on the right, he got another excuse, the owner told the employee “In essence, the ‘special gift’ was destroyed.”

However, Surunaka was He also called the police to come to the meeting. Although the authorities have not yet gone to arrest or write off the owner of the fraud, they told him that the identification was misleading and advised him to cover it with duct tape until the company makes it new. Clear identification of what is in the opaque capsules.

Unfortunately, Surunaka was not given a switch, but he was given one Full cash back, And Nintendo systems are back in stores, enough to buy one for 60,000 yen. Meanwhile, the rest were given a reminder to be vigilant when they see a crane game scam, and nothing seems certain when dealing with UFO catchers.

Source: YouTube / Surunaka Via Livtur News Japan / Real Live Via Gin
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Insert Image: பாகுடசோ
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