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Nintendo Switch Online + Erweiterungspaket

Nintendo Switch Online: Players report issues with Nintendo 64 games – ntower

Yesterday the long-held desire of many gamers finally came true: Nintendo Switch was developed as part of the expansion. Nintendo Switch Online-Subscriptions A Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online Expanded. At the start of the service, you can expect nine titles from the Nintendo 64 era, which are additionally provided with awesome features such as creating personalized memory points. However, at the same time as the release, there was also criticism of the service as many players reported technical issues.

For example, there are many posts on Twitter that report input delays, frame rate reductions, or mud systems. Repeat this The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Used, but other games also seem to have been mistakenly switched to the Nintendo Switch. Mario Kart 64, for example, shows a warning that the controller bag must be inserted during a time test. Although it is not required, we tested it ourselves, but tips like this are still weird. An example of the delay that can occur when entering actions through GameXpline using Link’s first Nintendo 64 adventure:

There is currently a complaint about Steering According to. Many players like to define buttons individually to suit their own needs. Compared to the Nintendo 64 originals, the distribution of buttons on the Nintendo Switch is not always entirely successful. Other issues such as the use of the Rumble feature were also recorded in the European version of Super Mario 64. It remains to be seen how Nintendo will address the mentioned complaints and ensure progress in the form of upcoming updates.

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Did you notice any problems while playing?

Source: Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online, Youtube (GameXplain)