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Nintendo Switch Donkey Kong Header

Nintendo Switch needs to create the game

Last year Nintendo celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario, this year they have already announced some Pokemon games for the 25th anniversary, and Zelda is already focusing on the 35th anniversary (and coming soon).

Nintendo Switch: Donkey Kong Noch 2021?

But what about Donking? The series is very old and is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Well, an awesome announcement may be coming soon, because a new switch title is planned, and even from Nintendo.


Retro has been working on Android 4 for more than two years, so there is currently no potential for a new country area in ownership. The new Tonking needs to be developed by Nintendo EPD (including Super Mario Odyssey).

A 2.5D game is planned there, which is currently in use by several sources News. The announcement for E3 2021 will be very possible, and the timing will be right considering the anniversary – the release should be this year as well.

A nice 2.5D-style Donkey Kong from Nintendo deserves this series. Anyway, Nintendo will be attending E3 in June and in about a month we can already have the official details.

Nintendo Switch “Pro”: References to OLED displays are on the rise

Nintendo Switch 2D Mario Guy

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