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Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Black Silver Bundle Hit Walmart Today: See Best Buy and Restart on Amazon.

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Black Silver Bundle Hit Walmart Today: See Best Buy and Restart on Amazon.

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It is currently impossible to get a new one Good Friday Bundle Nintendo Switch Game console, Walmart will come to the rescue later today. To Review: This week, Nintendo unveiled a new $ 299 Switch bundle that includes digital code Mario Kart 8 Deluxe And a three-month Nintendo online membership. It’s about $ 68 for free, which is the best version of the switch currently available.

This Nintendo Switch bundle is not immediately in stock at all major online retailers. But like PS5 And Xbox Series X., Walmart will open another online “Available Window” for this bundle today, Wednesday, November 25, at 4 p.m. (7pm and ET). At the same time Walmart’s big black silver sale officially begins, and just before its next two hours PS5 and Xbox inventory fall.

Walmart / Screenshot John Falcon / CNET

Here’s what you get in the box with the new $ 299 switch bundle:

In other words, you get the same great hardware that can be connected to a TV or played with your hands, and you throw away some free games. Even if you are new to the switch you can catch a joy-con controller and jump out of the box into a cart race. Then, since most of the Switch library is digital, you can download the digital version of any game your heart desires.



In addition to Walmart, the bundle was “received” on Sunday, November 22, from major retailers such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy and GameStop. May continue to do so. . Inventory tabs on the “regular” Nintendo Switch – the same exact hardware, but no bundled digital codes. Remember that Walmart Others will offer some great switch games for $ 15 to $ 30 in the coming days, so you can put together a nice gift bundle for yourself.

We will continue to update this story as inventory changes.

Nintendo Switch Black Silver Bundle

As mentioned above, just before Walmart does the same for the PS5 and Xbox, the bundle promises to restart to ET today, November 25 at 7pm.

Best Pie kept the bundle until Sunday morning, but it was not immediately in stock.

Amazon finally has a product page for the bundle, but it currently charges outrageous premiums to third-party resellers.

Gamestop has a product page for the bundle, but we never saw it there.

Yes, the goal has a side to it. If you have it in stock at your local store, you may have good luck picking up the curbside.

Nintendo Switch Consoles (Black Friday Not Bundle)

These come with the same switch hardware, but Without Digital codes compiled in the above versions. The switch is available in red and blue controllers, gray controllers or in the Animal Crossing version (a game-based design, but without that title).


Buy the best


What is the good price for the switch?

The Mario Kart Bundle Switch is the best deal. Otherwise, you should consider yourself lucky if you find it at the normal list price of 9 299. Because bundles and used consoles sell for $ 400 or more, paying for the recommended retail price “only” is a success with this product. Switch Lite is $ 199, but that model can’t be paired with a TV for big screen gaming.

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This post is constantly being updated as inventory changes occur.

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