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Nintendo Switch Classic 90s Game Surprisingly Released

Nintendo Switch Classic 90s Game Surprisingly Released

Nintendo and SNK have surprised Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite players with the release of the new stealth. Two days before Christmas, SNK unveils Nintendo iShop ad sales Dangerous Anger: First Contact For Switch and Switch Light, via Nintendo Eshop, now, via Nintendo Eshop only. In other words, the game in Switch and Switch Light is, at least currently, not available for retail in any form.

As of today, all Nintendo Switch users can download the classic Neo Geo Pocket Color game back in 1909 for $ 8. As you know, this is not the first Neo Geo game to be released on Switch and Switch Lite by SNK, it may not be the last, but it is the latest.

In addition to $ 8, all game downloads must have 147 MB ​​of space. On the switch, the game supports all three modes – portable, TV and tablet – but supports up to two players. Unfortunately, language options are limited to English and Japanese.

Below, you can see the new trailer released by SNK for release along with the theft:

As you know, Dangerous Anger: First Contact Neo Geo is the 10th and second first entry in the series that debuted via Pocket Color, but has since been shipped to countless sites. One of the less popular entries in the series, which is more or less a smaller version Real Boat 2, Or at least it’s based on a game that came out a year ago.

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