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PC version confirmed, release period released - Nert 4.Life

PC version confirmed, release period released – Nert 4.Life

At the end of March, fans of Monster Hunter Saga can have fun with the brand new episode: Monster Hunter Rice. However, you know, this is the exclusive game for the Nintendo Switch. Should players “resign” themselves to the idea of ​​having to buy the Big N’s hybrid console to play this promising new adventure? No, not at all. Monster Hunter Rice will also be coming inside PC version. The The release period is 2022!

This information comes directly from Rioso Sujimoto, the producer of Monster Hunter Rice’s Capcom. In fact, we had the opportunity to interview him with director Yasunori Ichinos. There was space in our interesting interview Many questions, But finally we asked “Should we really ask: How exclusive is the Monster Hunter to the Rise Switch?”.

Sujimoto’s response: “Indeed, we are proud to announce that Monster Hunter Rise will be coming to the system in early 2022. For now we can not tell you more, But we hope you enjoy the game in any format you want to buy. ”

Therefore, we do not have accurate information about the month or season when the game will be released, but we can try to assume that the contract between Capcom and Nintendo is for one year. If you can’t wait to play Monster Hunter Rice, You have to do it on the Nintendo Switch, But if you are patient, you can live these new adventures on the computer as well.

For now, nothing to do, but just wait until the game comes out. To pass the time, why not read our full interview: We talk about underwater warfare, game support with new content and more.