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Nintendo Switch: Apple pourrait lancer ses propres manettes de jeu ?

Nintendo Switch: Can Apple Introduce Its Own Game Controllers?

Inspired by the famous Nintendo Switch, Apple may soon launch its own games! We will give you more details.

Apple plans to deliver soon His own gamepad! Also the company may be inspired by the Nintendo Switch. MCE TV provides additional details.

Apple Arcade expands

The American legend entered the gaming world a few years ago. In September 2019, Apple introduced its Apple Arcade offer.

This allows subscribers to gain access to a choice More than 200 games can be downloaded directly on their iPhone. But this offer is also available on iPad, Apple TV or Mac.

So gamers can detect games on specific Apple products. But you should know that they are compatible with the jewelry of other brands. Especially the PlayStation or Xbox.

The Apple brand is one of the latest to enter the gaming world. Note that the service provided will be charged. In fact, to take advantage of it, you need to have a subscription on the platform. Games Therefore reserved for subscribers.

The company has authorized the use of other brands of accessories to benefit a greater number of people. This is very surprising for Apple who wants to keep uniqueness in the compatibility of its services and products.

Also, to build its offer, the company will think of creating a gamepad May be inspired by Nintendo Switch for that.

Also, the project seems to be going well. In fact, the US company has already filed two patents for its new controller. And we can easily notice Similarity with Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch: Can Apple Introduce Its Own Game Controllers?

Nintendo Switch-Style Controller?

So Apple already exists Advanced in its controller program. And the American community Attracts a lot of inspiration Nintendo Switch for that.

By the end of last March, we were already able to find the first patent filed by the brand. The second was filed on April 10th. That’s it!

In the first consideration proposed by Apple, we see Lots of similarity with Nintendo Switch. These are 2 small controllers Sticky on both sides of the iPhone. The controllers are compatible with the iPad. Yes.

For its second project, Apple is focusing more on the application for the iPhone. She thinks of a kind of keyboard as we already see with the iPad.

Players can then access different game buttons. Finally, Apple can think too Create the most classic controller.

As a reminder, this is not the first time the American company has attempted to introduce GamePad. Yes! In fact, it has already given us some hope, but not really started.

So, we wonder if Apple will offer a gameplay later this year. The mystery is still unsolved.

In the meantime, you can always get started by discovering the brand’s Apple Arcade offer. Case to proceed, very close!