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Nintendo Gameboy Advance Sp Display Und Case Umbau (4)

Nintendo Game Boy Advance S.P.

Of course, there were some silly things on my wishlist for Christmas. I read somewhere that you can now equip a Game Boy Advance (SP) with a cool scene. The scenario will change significantly and look more like 2021 than 90s.

If I had gotten that right in my head, the display would have come from a BlackBerry – but in the end it wasn’t needed. Meanwhile, a small circuit board is connected to the display, which then saves the brightness setting. Etc. Full installation is possible, if you do not have two left hands, it is definitely time to take this step.


After my light blue case somehow got too worn out, I got one for under 20 euros Explicit case from Amazon (Approximately 15 euros) So in the end there was a new look including the cool display. How to proceed with the change, you can read in the short form below …

Basically, great video tutorials are not required because one screw must be removed at a time. However, since Nintendo does not use ordinary Phillips screws, you definitely need a triangular screwdriver. I personally recommend arranging the screws in the shape of the holes so that you still know which (possibly the shortest) screw goes into which hole.

Then the battery should go, the game should go and start the wild screw. The case is very simple – just tap the old hinges and insert them into the new case.

The scene is with me Control pad Purchased. It was on some days even during the Christmas holidays. If you have more time, you can also buy the show through AliExpress or similar stores. It saves a few cruisers, but you have to wait a long time.

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Nintendo Combo Advance SP Display and Case Modification (10)

It looks worse than it could have been. Two red screwdrivers came with the case. Once a cross and once a triangle.

For display you need to lightly sand one side of the back of the lid. Otherwise the display is too big. I have Little Orange “Mini-Tremel” Was taken, so it went quickly.

Nintendo Combo Advance SP Display and Case Modification (1)

The display can be loaded in two ways. Once without soldering and once. Without soldering, the brightness is adjusted with full force. In the evening or at bed, it is very light.

Nintendo Combo Advance SP Display and Case Modification (2)

That’s why I unplugged the GPA SP a day later and connected the closed cable once to the circuit board (red dot below) and once to the ribbon (there is an extra soldering dot). You need stable hands, but even my sausage pens eventually managed it.

Nintendo Combo Advance SP Display and Case Modification (5)

Now screw everything up again and the fun can start again. In my case, the thin foam distribution between the display and the back was not visible, I inserted thin felt pads for testing purposes.

Nintendo Combo Advance SP Display and Case Modification (3)

Of course, you have to be careful not to pick anything too dense. After preferring to return the GPA SP the next day anyway, you can reduce the size of the thin foam (included with the old graphics card).

Personally, I am pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the GPA SP is in the obvious case. The original scene is completely different and washed out compared to the new scene, and the real joy of playing with the new scene! Change is definitely recommended.

Anyone who already owns a Game Boy should definitely check out the mods available now. Can you have something too?

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