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PixelJunk Eden 2, a study of life, color and collaboration from Pioneer's mind.  (Photo: Commercial Wire)

Nintendo Download: Heaven and Hell Crashes While Turning Myth Myths and Sliding – News Release

REDMOND, Wash .– (Business Wire) – This week’s Nintendo download has the following special content:

Multimedia is featured in this press release. See the full release here:

PixelJunk Eden 2, a study of life, color and collaboration from Pioneer’s mind. (Photo: Commercial Wire)

  • Nintendo ESHOP on the Nintendo Switch

    • PixelJunk Eden2 – Comes from Bion’s mind PixelJunk Eden2, Study of life, color and collaboration. Rejuvenate the world against a dynamic and vibrant background with thin, multi-hood shots. Return to the ever-changing gardens of psychedelic scenes and sounds, grow new plants and biomes, collect pollen and help seeds germinate new exotic leaves and flowers.
    • Pyo Pyo Tetris 2 – Japan’s favorite puzzle game series Puyo Puyo And world famous Tetris Game Right reunites to provide more bio-popping and tetrimino-clearing fun Pyo Pyo Tetris 2. Play traditionally Puyo Puyo And Tetris, Or mix them together to level your game. Offline or online, players can enjoy single player record, bed-match versus and ranking online matches.

Oh Doom is eternity – Created by ID Software and the Panic Button, Doom is eternity The award-winning, first-person combat game is a direct sequel Disaster. The forces of hell have invaded the earth. Slayer in an epic, single-player campaign to defeat demons in dimensions and prevent the ultimate destruction of humanity.

  • Digital Spotlight

    • Just dance 2021 – Top the holidays with your family in some rankings Just dance 2021. With 40 new songs and customizable playlists, you can bring together some of your favorite beats for the whole family to enjoy. With Just Dance 2021, You can encourage everyone to get up and move. Once the holidays are over, you can sound like the new year with new dance moves that you and your family have learned. Just dance 2021 Available at Nintendo iShop.
  • Nintendo Mobile

    • Science and Magic Fuse! – Latest update Fire symbol heroes The game has arrived. Book V provides an explosion of steampunk-inspired energy for this classic story of the sword and sorcery. With new mechanical armor and special book V related events and bonuses, you have never said anything like this before Fire symbol heroes The universe. Even new invitees can go to Book V’s Story to learn more about Ninavelli’s Empire. To see the unique flavor that Book V adds to the game, check out the animated movie trailer:
    • Spread some holiday ChARm – This is the season to show off your AR photography skills! Logged in players Animal trafficking: Pocket camp Receive the PT game-free item gift box at 9:59 pm before January 7th. Animal trafficking: Pocket camp Recently added new AR features, so you can use them with the giant holiday gift box to create the best AR greeting card for the holidays! With the AR camera, you can select a real world location and add your favorites Animal trafficking: Pocket camp Pals to take a shot. With the AR cabin, you can enter and hang out with your pet’s friends. Think about the possibilities for a jolly vacation! You can join in the fun by sharing your holiday AR greeting cards through social media and news apps. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ACPCHolidaycARd when posting!
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Nintendo EShop Sale:

  • Nintendo EShop on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

New this week at the Nintendo Aesop on the Nintendo Switch:

In addition to the video games available in retail stores, Nintendo also offers a variety of content that people can download directly to their computers. Nintendo adds new games weekly to the Nintendo eShop, offering a variety of options for the Nintendo Switch console, Wii U console and Nintendo 3DS family system.

Nintendo Switch Online is a paid membership service that allows members to join or face online in compatible Nintendo Switch games. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Luigi’s House3, Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield. Members also enjoy a compiled library of NES and Super NES classic games Super Mario Brothers3, Super Metroid And The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Among many others. To learn more about the benefits of Nintendo Switch Online, see membership options and a free seven-day trial for new users, visit

Nintendo EShop is a cash-based service that offers a wide variety of content, including new and classic games, apps and demos. Users can add money to their account balances by using a credit card or by purchasing a Nintendo iShop card at a retail store or by entering a code from the card. All funds coming from one card must be mounted on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS family systems on the Nintendo Eshop, but can be used on any Nintendo Eshop if the systems are connected to a single Nintendo account.

Customers 18 and older in the US and Canada can link a PayPal account to their Nintendo account, purchase digital games and content for the Nintendo Switch system on the device and from the Nintendo website. Once the accounts are connected, users can use PayPal as a payment option when purchasing digital content for the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS family systems from the Nintendo website.

My Nintendo members can earn gold points on eligible digital purchases. Already have gold dots? Your next digital purchase at the Nintendo EShop is Nintendo Switch Games and DLC. Visit For more details.

Note that the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Wii, the new Nintendo 3DS, the new Nintendo 3DS XL, the Nintendo 3DS, the new Nintendo 2DS XL and the Nintendo 2DS have parental controls that allow adults to manage certain content that their children can access. Nintendo 3DS players who register their Nintendo Network ID get access to free start-up games and free game demos from the Nintendo Eshop, and receive the latest news and information directly from Nintendo. For more information on this and other features, see, Or

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