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Nintendo Direct in September? There are rumors that a new presentation is coming –

There will be one Nintendo Live A September 2021? Based on that some fans believe very firmly Tradition Rumors of the Kyoto house and the series seem to point in this direction, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

As we all know, no effort Forecast The dates and details on the Nintendo Direct will fail, at least as usual, considering the apparent clarity of Nintendo’s famous presentation event.

Among the various rumors supporting Nintendo Direct’s theory in September 2021, about the Samsung Hunter 2, is considered கசிப்பான் Nintendo is very reliable in terms of things, even if its potential connections with people who tell the truth are not known.

He is optimistic that there will be a Nintendo Direct in September, noting that there have been several ratings recently Nintendo Switch Games So not yet announced, so space will be available within an event. According to others charged, a date has been set for the event: the new Nintendo Direct is to be launched September 4, 2021.

They are all simple Rumors, But on closer inspection Nintendo actually has a live history in September, which was dedicated to the Wii U starting in 2012. Subsequently, there was a Pokemon Direct in September 2013, followed by a long three-year hiatus

Then, begins Since 2016There will always be a Nintendo Direct in September every year until 2020, which strongly suggests that the tradition with Nintendo Direct will continue into September 2021 this year. As we have seen, it is not possible to follow precise patterns in the direct system, and the September path may be one of the few constants that has appeared in recent years.

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The last event of the genre was the Nintendo Direct E3 2021, from which came a number of interesting news, including the new gameplay trailer for The Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild 2.