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Nintendo and Rebellion have already registered with SAT to pay taxes in Mexico

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Although Mexico has experienced the shadows of its monetary policy, it is known that sometimes some administrations try to regulate the situation as much as possible. In the midst of the era of digital services, the government of our country, supported by the Chambers, made it clear that no company providing digital service that is not registered with the tax administration can operate in the country. As stated there, there is no disappointment about the warning, the first list of some video games that have already complied has been released today.

The Ministry of the Interior released today the official gazette of the Federation, a list of those companies that do not reside in Mexico, digital service providers, have already complied with registration with SAT, which indicates that they regulate the payment of relevant taxes such as VAT under the reforms of the tax law implemented this year. As shown in the list, Microsoft was one of the first companies to register, and did so on June 2 this year. In turn, Nintendo of the United States did the same on October 5, while Rebel Games in charge of the League of Legends made its record with SAT on September 2nd.

What does this mean? Well, it is absolutely certain that the activities of these companies and any lucrative activity to be done with their services in our country are subject to the limits of the tax laws and that they comply with the appropriate tax payment. Of course, it is debatable whether VAT is charged to the buyer or subscriber in some cases, but beyond the controversy, companies should also take into account that the payment is made in relation to the video games described above, which comply with the laws of our country.

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